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Chanterelle mushrooms dried ground. Packing 500 gr.

Chanterelle mushrooms dried ground. Packing 500 gr.
  • Chanterelle mushrooms dried ground. Packing 500 gr.
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Country of manufacture:Belarus

For production of dried chanterelle it is used only are fresh the gathered mushroom. Before drying the mushroom is cleared of forest garbage. The large mushroom is torn along fibers. Drying is made in two ways, konvektsionnya and infrared.

Useful and medicinal properties

Useful properties of chanterelles are caused by their unique structure. In pulp of mushrooms the set of vitamins, minerals and other components is revealed. Among them there is a vitamin A which content in 100 grams of a product is higher, than at carrots. Thanks to it the mushroom is effective at treatment of eye diseases.

In structure high concentration of vitamin B, trametonolinovy acid, polysaccharides, a hitinmannoza, ergosterol is found. These components cause antibiotic (including antitubercular), the antineoplastic and all-strengthening properties. By means of chanterelles liver diseases treat: hepatitis, regeneration of fabric in fatty, cysts.

Mushroom pickers noticed long ago that these mushrooms do not become wormy. The reason in the special substance which is contained in pulp. It promotes extermination of parasites at any stage of development. At the same time pulp is absolutely harmless to mammals.

For the first time, strangely enough, the Chinese biochemists became interested in this property. They distinguished from D-mannozu polysaccharides which is responsible for extermination of parasites. This substance differs in the high getting abilities therefore can exert impact not only on adult individuals, but also on tsist, getting through a protective cover where suppresses effect of inhibitors. With adult individuals polysaccharide "finishes", blocking transfer of nervous impulses.

Efficiency of use of chanterelles from parasites is caused by one more polysaccharide – beta glucan. It intensifies protective functions of an organism, provoking development of eosinophils – the leukocytes which are responsible for "destruction" of alien proteinaceous structures. As a result of interaction of two polysaccharides the organism also is connected to fight against parasites, dissolving tsist with the cover weakened by D-mannozoy.

Packing 500 gr.

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 03.04.2019
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